All ìndhue's garments are 100% BOTANICALLY DYED and chemicals free.

The colours of the fabrics derived directly from medicinally rich herbs, flowers, stems and roots, having antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory proprierties, enhancing body transpiration.

In conventional chemical dyeing are used more then 8000 synthetic chemicals some of which cause serious damage to health , these include carcinogens and hormone disruptors. Other harmful materials used include flame retardants, AZO dyes, chromium and formaldehydes.
For the person that wears the clothes, these synthetic chemicals can cause skin irritation and aggravate any allergies.

But, this is not all, it is also important to remember the toll water pollution and biodiversity damage can have on the natural world. As it stands, close to 25% of global chemical output originates from the textile industry. 


Botanical dyes are:

  • 100% ORGANIC



  • 100% HEALTHY and SAFE 


    Nature offers us an infinite range of colors, each of which is unique and deeply imbued with the vital Energy of the Earth. The color extracted from the same plant changes from season to season so bringing with it the characteristics of the environment in which the plant has grown, the influence of the sun, water and soil with which it has been fed.


Indhue uses exlusively dyeing materials  harvested with the utmost care to the evolutionary process of the plant and its preservation.

Plants used for natural dyeing often are derived from food waste ( peel of fruit and vegetables ) or grow wild in nature.
For example from the avocado peel you can get a wonderful pink, from the onion a golden yellow and from walnut husk a warm brown!

We choose only plants rich in dyeing proprierties ensuring that the plant is fully used in its entirety. This process is completely NON-VIOLENT by not using any ingredient that might harm the environment or any animal

Also the WATER used for dyeing is 100% reused to irrigate the plants and garden being absolutely free of pollutants.

Wearing a dress dyed with plants means choosing to be on the side of Nature!